Welcome to the P2P Maturity Model Playbook


Grow Your Business Through Effective Partnering: Announcing the P2P Maturity Model Playbook and Training Program

Today more than ever, partnerships are essential to building total solutions, business growth and winning against the competition. However, learning how to build the right partnerships effectively can be challenging, time consuming, and costly.

IAMCP is breaking new ground with the announcement of the P2P Maturity Model Playbook and Training Program, a comprehensive and practical “how-to” approach to mastering the skills and discipline essential for developing and sustaining successful partnerships.

P2P Maturity Model Playbook

  • A quick assessment to determine priorities for building your partnering program
  • A step-by-step workbook, resources, and assets.
  • An example of partner journey through the stages of maturity.
  • An On-Demand educational webinar featuring getting started information.
  • Access here

Below are resources available for you to leverage as you build out your partnerships.

Take an Assessment P2P Maturity Model Assessment Tool